Sina Dyks

Sina Dyks | GLUETV 2022

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GLUE TV, in collaboration with creative media partner A'DAM&Co. and broadcasting partner SALTO television. GLUE participants and influential Amsterdam creatives are interviewed by journalists Daan Borrel, Tracy Metz, Gabrielle Kennedy, Jeroen Junte, Marsha Simon and Viveka van der Vliet about their business, vision, and inspirations, but also about the overarching GLUE theme, 'The City is Ours', which is inspired by the fact that we are traveling less and fewer tourists are coming to Amsterdam, making the city and its economy ours again. GLUE is a four-day design-route from and for Amsterdam designers, architects, brands, showrooms, galleries, academies, and other colleagues. GLUE amsterdam connected by design connects all locations and provides a substantive and attractive program for colleagues and the public.